Type J Back Zip Full Suit


$743USD – $998USD (Shipping Included)


$768USD – $1023USD (Shipping Included)

Description & Features

Thickness: 2mm, 3/2mm, 3mm, 5/3mm

  • Rolled wrists
  • Water tight barrier zipper
  • DUROWEB knee pads
  • Upper half of suit rubber (black) / Lower half black neoprene or one neoprene color for entire base of suit.
  • Color option #1: Side and under arm (both must match)
  • Color option #2: Left wrist
  • Extra charge option: Ankle flaps $40USD / Type J side and underarm pane print options $40USD / Type J wrist panel print options $20

Color Options: HNL | Kneepads | Print Panel

Contact Us To Order

Info@axxewetsuits.com or call us at 760- 820-7355 for more information on the wetsuits and / or to place an order.